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8 Facts about the female body even most of the women don’t know about


Human body facts are as intriguing as the universe. If you think you know it all about the human body, then you will get shocked now. Here are still many amazing facts probably you don’t know. This time we will talk about the female body. Find out the amazing female secrets that only a few people know about. Read them out:

1) The women got the more flexible necks, means their necks are more flexible than the males.


2) Women have sensitive hearing that they can hear even while sleeping.


3) This is really surprising! One of their breasts is bigger than the other. This is because of the difference in the volume of breast tissue, the shape or size of the breast pocket or could be the skin’s elasticity on each breast.

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4) Women are more rational than men based on or in accordance with reason or logic. It is because of the much thicker cerebral cortex in their brain.

5) Women are more prone to having Cellulite especially in buttocks and upper thighs. Only 1 in a 40 women doesn’t have this kind of accumulation of fat.

6) They get drunk faster than men. It is because of the less water in their tissues as compared to men. Also, they have 12% lower haemoglobin levels than the male body.

7) Women think from heart hence they form stronger attachments to people.

8) Women’s body keeps changing even in their 20s.

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