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CIPHERFOLKS is a Site that’s Changing the World

All of us have dreams to live in a big mansion or to roll on a luxury car. Due to their financial statures or some other reasons many people fail to fulfill their dreams. Some don’t even have money to have a good educational foundation. Obviously, they fail to earn a good job and end up unemployed.

Cipherfolks promises to each and every employee in the world, yes you heard that right. The creator of Cipherfolks Yishaan Varma Aarveti found a new concept for software development companies.

There are many people who have innovative ideas to build their technology but can’t find a right company to do that, so they are going to freelancing sites. Most of the developers from freelancing sites are not efficient and fail to complete the project within timeline and budget. Here’s where their concept kicks in. They’ve created a website where users can hire a project manager free of cost. All they have to do is post their project mentioning their budget and timeline. Their team of project managers will call the client to know the project in detail. That’s it splitting the project and getting the client’s project done by assigning it to developers becomes their responsibility. Project Managers keep updating the progress to the client every day.

They have developers and designers throughout the world. They also created a platform where any talented freelancing designer or developer to register with them. No need for bidding and waiting in line for hours. Their project managers will call the developers and assign the tasks directly and developers or designers will be paid for hourly work. Payments will be released by the end of the month through wire transfer.

They are also creating a platform where even an illiterate can join Cipherfolks training program and get trained by real-time developers and earn money online just as much as they earn in any multinational company.

Cipherfolks literally created a virtual company where only project managers will work from office place and developers/designers work from throughout the world. As the project gets split it reduces timeline and budget with this concept. 

Yishaan Varma Aarveti is well-known for his humanity he also declared 25% of the profit share to the poor. With this amazing idea, now even poor or illiterates can change their lives right away.

Register Now: CipherFolks

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