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Couples Are Using Technology To Build Memories And Make Them Last Forever


The times have changed for the better, and even we have evolved along with time.  We don’t express much in person anymore, rather digital things have taken over our lives. Not only our lives but our love life too.

Who doesn’t chat with their better halves on instant-messaging platforms? Or try out a long list of filters until you find that picture perfect? Many of you would be surprised that your peers have become even more advanced in using technology, especially when it comes to expressing your love.

Don’t believe us? Check out the new ways that couples have discovered to build memories and make them last forever.

Creating wedding websites

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Remember how the elderly ones in the family used to visit every house of the near and dear ones and personally invite them to their ward’s wedding? Gone are the days of giving physical wedding invitations. Well, couples have begun making their own wedding websites. These websites have all the wedding details, along with the love story, pre-wedding teaser video and photographs. Saves time for wedding planning, doesn’t it?

Creating videos using AR 

Creating videos using AR 

Have you ever wondered how the use of Augmented Reality can help couples create memories? You will be surprised to know that this technology is highly interactive which makes one experience the real-world environment while they’re simply “augmented” by a computer screen. The hottest experience where you can live this is in Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai

Creating digital albums

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Who knew that once the photographs that were shot in negatives could now become available in the digital format? With the availability of various gadgets, one can store a thousand memories on just a single screen. Not to forget, you could swipe through them all and cherish the good times. Many people have already started finding their ways into the digital space. What makes it better is how you could hang it just like your favourite memory.

Using GoPro

Using GoPro

The photos taken by couples using GoPro have always been the talk on the Internet ever since its arrival. Such cameras help you in capturing your most romantic and thrilling experiences almost anywhere, and under any condition. You must have seen them already on the social media. GoPro is now full of couples showing off their love stories in the form of photographs, and videos with its fish-eye ability.


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