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Dhoni fined 50 percent penalty, says Bishan Singh Bedi

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Former Indian skipper Bishan Singh Bedi took the ‘dark’ officers back, who, along with Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, imposed a fine of 50 percent of the match fee to debate on the field umpires during the Indian T20 league match.

Bedi tweeted, “The media has termed Dhoni’s entry into the ground last night as a very immature protest against the umpires, which I am surprised. This is a compelling puzzle for me why Sports Journalists avoid making honest expression against established stars who make mistakes. It is childish to impose a fine of 50 percent on officials, too, by adopting a coward attitude towards Dhoni. ”

This incident took place during the match between Chennai and Rajasthan. It is to be believed that thanks to the excellent half-century of Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni (58) and Ambati Rayudu (57), Chennai beat Rajasthan by four wickets on Thursday with a six-wicket win.

Due to the umpire’s decision, Dhoni had to pay fifty percent of the match fee as a fine. Dhoni’s attitude was considered against the Code of Conduct of the Indian T-20 league. He has violated Level 2 of Crime 2.20, for which he has been fined.

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