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A Big Change In Google Map , You Must know These ‘Special’ Tricks


Google has become an important part of our life. It is not possible for most people to imagine the world without Google.

Google’s most widely used feature is Google Maps.

Most people use Google Maps while roaming. Google also constantly updates it for its users.

 If you have Google map in unknown paths, then you will not wander anywhere. Today we are telling you 8 such tricks of Google Map, which will make your map more efficient. Not only this, you can also earn money by joining Google Map. Read the news till the end to know what you have to do for it.

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You can download any part of the map on your phone. You can use this map when you do not have a network or internet. Your map automatically updates as soon as your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. On Google Map, you can also add your home address, office address or relatives’ address. You do not have to wander through the road again and again. It also gives you a great help in navigation.

If any of your friends are coming to meet you and he is unable to find you, then you can share his location with him, with the help of which he will be able to reach you easily.

If you want to go to your favorite shops or malls frequently and you can save these places on the map too. This will also make you easier to navigate.

Through this, if you help improve the map of Google, Google also gives you money. For this, just have to advertise your surroundings right on Google Map.

You can check the train, bus or other means of transportation with the help of this map for your visit according to their timing and the places to go.

When you are using navigation, zooming is not easy using both hands at such times. For this, you can zoom by double-tap. If you have come somewhere and want to go there again, but if you do not remember the path, then Google Map will make your work easier.


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