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How To Decide What To Wear To A Sangeet Ceremony

Indian weddings are nothing less than a festival lasting a few days. People dressed in their finest, enjoying the revelry in the air, dancing and singing to their hearts’ content, amplify the joy associated with weddings. Among the glitz and glamour, umpteen celebrations and rituals, one ceremony has grown to become one of the most favored for it’s a time when every family member truly celebrates and enjoys.

The sangeet ceremony has become the ultimate wedding celebration before the actual wedding. Everyone dresses the way they want, the designs reflecting their personal styles. sarees by Ritu Kumar come out of the wardrobe, as do sherwanis by Varun Bahl; glam quotient as high as it should be. But it’s important to not go overboard or underwhelm your appearance at the event. Similarly, comfort should also play a major role since there is a lot of dancing and merriment expected at the sangeet. Thus finding the perfect sangeet outfit can be quite a challenge, but not impossible. A little help from the experts and you can nail your fashion choices with these following tips:

1) What’s the theme?

With only people closest to the wedding couple’s family invited to the sangeet, it is may be easy to understand the vibe for the evening. Is it a sublime Mehendi-sangeet with the traditional prayers and associated rituals? Or does the evening promise a Bollywood night with a cocktail party accompanying the dinner? Answers to these questions can help you with your desired outfit for the night. A casual mood for the evening calls for bolder, darker colors such as navy blue and olive green. More can go for softer colors such as beige and pink.

2) Should you wear a saree?

Saree, while usually reserved for weddings, can be a good outfit for the sangeet if you’re extremely comfortable carrying one, it’s well held in place, and you aren’t much of a dancer. Sarees can get tricky to do if you love to dance. You don’t want to feel too conscious while dancing since that can suck out the fun out of grooving to your favorite beats. Gaurav Gupta’s saree gown designs, like the mint green one below, is a stunning piece of craftwork that beautifully blends grace of a saree with absolute comfort.

3) Are you getting on stage?

Dancing is an imperative part of a sangeet ceremony. However, if you’re going on stage to perform with your friends or family, it’s always advisable to be wearing an ensemble with a hint of a shimmer. Seema Gujral’s exquisite lehenga design reflects this same sentiment, capturing the elegance and a unique spark with sequin, pearl, and Swarovski embellishments. Such designs ensure that you stand out on the stage but in a way that is not overpowering. Statement pieces are also standout options you can consider. Sheer Anarkalis, bustier lehengas, kaftan sarees are all unique in their own way, adding oodles of glamour to your ensemble for the evening.


Another aspect to consider with respect to the above concerns is your footwear and accessories. While being a perfect match for your outfits, they also need to be in sync with your plans for the evening. Stilettos or absolute flat sandals, as well as heavy Jhumkis without sufficient support, may not be the wisest choices if you are an avid dancer and can’t wait to hit the dance floor. Keep it comfy with the shoes, and let your outfit do the talking.

With the outfit concerns under control, all that’s left is for you to truly enjoy your evening. We hope these tips help you shortlist the perfect attire for the evening, and help you have the time of your life!

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