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In the crisis, HD Kumaraswamy’s chair, now what will Kamal do in Karnataka?

In Karnataka, the Kumaraswamy Government is looking for a few days. First, 13 MLAs of Congress and JDS dispersed and took over the chair of the ruling coalition. After this, two Independent MLAs, H. Nagesh and R Shankar, resigned from the minister-have fulfilled the right way. Thus, the number of MLAs who resigned has turned 15. Both Independent MLAs have decided to support BJP and have reached Goa with 13 MLAs.

12 MLAs absent from the Karnataka Congress Legislature Party meeting Three of these legislators have not come to cite health. Those who are not MLA, their names are Ramalinga Reddy, Dr. Sudhakar, Roshan Baig, Tukaram, Anjali Nimbalkar, MTB Nagraj, Sangameshwara, Shivanna, Fatima, B. Nagendra, Raj Gowda, Ramappa are included. The legislators who have cited the disease at the same time.

At present, the views of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly stand in the midst of the political crisis in Karnataka today. Assembly Speaker today can decide on the legislators who resign. Speaker Ramesh Kumar says that he will take his decision according to the constitution. If the resignation of these MLAs is accepted then the present government will come in minority. Among all these meetings in the Congress Legislature Party meeting this morning, Siddaramaiah said that we are confident of saving the government.

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