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Kantas Airline of Australia launches world’s first ‘Zero West Flight’


Use only recyclable materials in the flight
Plans to reduce waste by up to 75% of the airline by the end of 2021

Sydney Kantas Airline of Australia has launched the world’s first Zero West flight. In this, passengers will not get plastic cover material. Such substances will be used, which can be recycled. On Wednesday, passengers traveling from Sydney to Adelaide were given food in plates made of sugarcane (after the juice was removed). Empty bottles of water will be sent to Adelaide’s recyclable plant. The company says that by the end of next year, the use of nearly 10 million plastic components in all its aircraft will be reduced.

Repeat goods will be given to passengers

The company said that their target is to clean up the garbage 75% of the planes by 2021. At the moment, new options have been replaced instead of about one thousand single-use plastic items. The company does not want the waste to be a mountain. Also, the substances are being used, which can be recycled and used again.

Airfare will not increase

Andrew David, head of the Kansas Domestic Airline, said that there would be no difference in the services of passengers. Travelers will get the same services as before. The passengers are happy with the policy of Zero West. Airfares have not been increased after starting Ziro West Flight. This flight is about testing our product, revising waste and taking feedback from the customer.

More than 150 tons of garbage in one year

Every time a flight from Adelaide to Sydney is taken, approximately 34 kilogram garbage is taken from the flight. It is more than 150 tons in a year. Now it is expected that other airlines will also adopt this approach.

Plans to bring quantitative options that can be used in place of Kantas and Jetstar’s 45 million plastic cups, 30 million container sets, 21 million coffee cups and 40 million cushions. The federal government says that Australia accounts for 3 percent of the total carbon emissions in Australia.



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