See How Salman Khan Came Up With The Name ‘Being Human’



Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation.

Superstar Salman Khan has been selling t-shirts with ‘Being Human’ doodled on it for past ten years now. He launched the Being Human Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust for better healthcare and primary education facilities in 2007, and the ‘Being Human’ clothing line two years later.


But have you ever wondered where did he get the idea to name his trust ‘Being Human’ from? When did he decide to expand his label by affixing it with a clothing line?

At a recent event in Mumbai, TiE Global Summit 2018, Salman Khan spoke a lot about his brand, Being Human, and also shared how he came up with the name.

Have a look:


Where did Being Human come from?

It all dates back to a day when Salman Khan was drinking and a spotted a friend on the other side of the room with the text ‘Human Being’. However, since he was drunk, to him it appeared as ‘Being Human’.

Salman Khan then called his sister to inform her about the name

“We were looking for a name for the charitable trust, and I called my sister and said that I got the name. She asked ‘what?’ and I said Being Human. And the first time my sister thought it was a great idea. So she jumped at this, and we registered the name,” Salman Khan said.

“You will lose friends if you ask them for money. You wanna do a good deed, do it on your own.”

Salman Khan said that he initially asked his friends to invest in his trust, but was always scared of ruining personal relations. So he “extorted” Rs 11 lakh money from fellow actors.

Things then fell into place when…


We all know that Salman Khan loves painting. At the music launch of Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mahaakshay Chakraborty aka Mimoh, he decided to wear a t-shirt with his painting.

“Two days later, I was passing by Linking Road (Mumbai) and I saw that all the stores on the street had a replica of the particular T-shirt that I wore.”

This is how he came up with the idea of a clothing brand.

Salman Khan did not want to start Being Human on a very big note

He tied up with Cotton World and produced t-shirts in three different colours, grey, white and black with Being Human written on it.

“They were all sold out. They made quite a few pieces, and it was gone. At that time even the awareness was not there that Being Human is Salman Khan’s brand. Just the name Being Human worked. “

“Being Human should live on and on and on and on,” Salman Khan said.


Whatever money comes from Being Human clothing brand, jewellery, e-cycles and soon to be launched gym equipment is used to pay taxes. And the profit that comes into Salman and others’ shares, is used in the charitable trust.

“The worst thing that could happen is that Being Human dies a natural death before Salman Khan,” he ended.


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