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Sui Dhaga movie review and rating by audience: Live updates

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Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma starrer Sui Dhaga (Sui Dhaaga) has been getting mixed reviews from the audience. Some have been praising the film and performances on social media, while some others are just disappointed with the film.


Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma starrer Sui Dhaga (Sui Dhaaga) has been watched by a set of audience, who have come up with a mixed review of the movie.

While it will hit the screens on Friday in India, the film already released in the Gulf countries. The audience there have watched Sui Dhaga, and some of them liked the flick but some others found it boring.

Directed by Sharat Katariya, Sui Dhaga presents Varun and Anushka together for the first time. They play the characters of husband-wife, belonging to a poor family.


Varun (Mauji) is blessed with great tailoring skills, but he manages to earn some money by doing random stupid things like acting as dog, bear and other animals at lavish parties, or working part-time at various shops.

Anushka (Mamta) one day gets to know about the disrespectful life that he leads in order to earn bread and butter, and hence suggests him to try self-employment by using his tailoring skills. The couple then sets out in a mission to set their embroidery business, but they face lots of hurdles in the way. Whether Mauji and Mamta be successful in fulfilling their dreams or they succumb to the hardships makes the crux of the story.


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Sui Dhaga has been getting a mixed response from the viewers. Some have been praising the film and performances on social media, while some others are just disappointed with the film.

People who are talking positively about the movie are impressed by the feel-good approach of the film, and the simple yet stellar performance by not just Varun and Anushka, but also by the supporting cast.

On the other side, viewers who disliked Sui Dhaga, opining it to be sluggish and unentertaining. They stated that this will be Varun’s second flop after October, which was his last release. With such mixed reviews, the audience rating of Sui Dhaga stands at 3/5.

Below Are The Responses Of The Audience After Watching Sui Dhaga:

Mr Joshi: #SuiDhaaga is like a dal chawal but a delicious dal chawal. @AnushkaSharma was brilliant and totally did justice to the character. @Varun_dvn ka kya kahein ‘sab theek hai

Farah Nezam: Absolutely loving #SuiDhaaga @AnushkaSharma and @Varun_dvn are actors par excellence. What a heart warming story, Mauji and Mamta! Sab bhadiya hai

Mohit Dantre: Such a feel good and happy movie, we left the theatre smiling! Good job @Varun_dvn @AnushkaSharma @yrf this one is a winner! 🙂 #SuiDhaaga. Must also mention the stellar performance by the supporting cast. Especially Mauji’s parents. They made the film so endearing!

naveena61077560: Breaking news @VarunDhawan strikes gold as an actor but movie failed miserably nd @AnushkaSharma looks horrible thanks #SuiDhaaga. The only saving grace is @varunDhawan nd some supporting cast movie is very slow nd bhut jyada dikhawati h which looks unnatural @anushkasharma misfits in her character.

Od: #SuiDhaaga is quite bad. Very simplistic & juvenile. The ending sequence is an insult to our intelligence. Whatever few decent moments are there are already in the trailer. If not for Varun & Anushka, i might have walked out of the film as it was boring.

Divya Saxena Rastogi‏: I loved @SuiDhaagaFilm @AnushkaSharma @Varun_dvn because of the following reasons: 1) Beta Bahu Love for parents 2) Never Give Up Attitude 3) #SkillIndia #MakeInIndia 4) Unity always work 5) Loved fashion show of #SuiDhaaga & best part Anushka your Forehead Sindoor on Ramp.

AlwaysBollywood‏: #SuiDhaaga review: This is the sort of movie you’ll take home with a smile & a positive energy on your heart. Very entertaining, encouraging & a feel good movie.. Performance wise @Varun_dvn & @AnushkaSharma are flawless as usual. Go for it U will surely like it.

MB: #SuiDhaaga is absolute basic and boring. The whole story was revealed in the trailer itself, and no extra good things in the movie. Songs are not worth listening, and its a DUD!

Shiva Satyam: #SuiDhaaga is the worst film on 2018 , I can’t say more than this. But Requesting you to Avoid it & save your precious time & money.

Randhir Mania: #SuiDhaaga After a certain time I was really bored. Anushka Sharma is one gifted actress of this generation.But some of her crying scenes were really annoying.Varun Dhawan is the ‘overacting ka dukan’ of Bollywood.Idea was nice and righteous but execution.

NJ: #SuiDhaga Interval: Such a cute film so fa, keeps you going with good jokes and some nice moments. Anushka could have cried a little less, but plays a complete villager that she actually looks malnourished. Lol! Varun is OK.

Bipin: #BGMC had good content but screenplay was not correct.. #suidhaga has also good content but has not entertainment.. Its slow.

Piyush Pranami: #SuiDhaaga The film talks about the need of social entrepreneurship as a tool for the social and economic development of our artisans, who are living their life on the margins due to the changing times. #SuiDhaagaReview

NJ: #SuiDhaga could have been much more hard it been stitched with more colourful threads of Entertainment, Dialogues, Thrills & Dramatic moments. But still what you see is an honest, easy & smooth flow of sequences which has an amazing emotional ending.


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