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That black night of democracy, the government of Indira had already made an emergency plan six months ago


Only 28 years after independence, the country had to undergo a state of emergency due to the decision of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. An Emergency was imposed in the country with the signing of the emergency on the night of June 25-26, with the signing of President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. The next morning, the whole country heard the message in the voice of Indira Gandhi on the radio that the brothers and sisters, the President has declared the Emergency. But this does not require the general public to scare.

Newspapers from Delhi’s Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg on Delhi were cut off at night only due to the news of the rally of 25 June in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. At night sitting in the room of Indira Gandhi’s special assistant RK Dhawan, Sanjay Gandhi and Om Mehta were making a list of those who were to be arrested.

Reason for imposing emergency

Its root was in the Lok Sabha election in 1971, in which he defeated his main rival, Rajnarayan. But four years after the election results, Raj Narayan challenged the election result in the High Court. On June 12, 1975, Allahabad High Court Judge Jagmohan Lal Sinha suspended the election of Indira Gandhi and banned him from contesting elections for six years. And Mrs Gandhi’s anticorist Rajnarayan Singh was declared victorious in the elections.

Rajnarayan Singh argued that Indira Gandhi misused government machinery in elections, spent more than the fixed limit and used the wrong methods to influence voters. The court upheld the allegations. In spite of this, Mrs Gandhi refused to resign. Then the Congress party also issued a statement saying that the leadership of Indira Gandhi was indispensable to the party.
On this day, in Gujarat, the Opposition’s popular front against Chimanbhai Patel won a massive victory. Indira Gandhi was diagnosed with this double injury. Indira Gandhi, denying the court’s decision, appealed to the Supreme Court and declared the emergency on June 26.

At that time, All India Radio broadcast it in a news bulletin that due to uncontrolled internal conditions the government has declared an emergency in the entire country. In her message broadcast on AIR, Indira Gandhi had said, “Since then, I have taken some progressive steps for the benefit of common man and women of the country, since then there was a deep conspiracy against me. During this period all the fundamental rights of the public had been postponed. There was a complete ban on anti-government speeches and any kind of performance.

Government had unlimited rights

During the Emergency, the ruling Congress tried to crush the common man’s voice. Its basis was the provision that gives unlimited rights to the government under section 352.
-Indira could stay in power as long as she wanted.
There was no need for elections for the Lok Sabha-assembly.
– Media and newspapers were not free
How could the government pass the law?

Misa-DIR Kahr
Under MISA and DIR more than one lakh people were imprisoned in the country. Against the Emergency, the protagonist of the movement, Jay Prakash Narayan, got spoiled during his kidney imprisonment. In that dark period, the horror stories of jail and torture are full. All the big leaders of the country were put behind all the bars. In a way jail became a political school. Young leaders in jail with big leaders got a chance to learn a lot.
On one hand, the new plant of politicians was learning politics, on the other hand Indira’s son Sanjay Gandhi was driving through the trio of his friend Bansilal, Vidyacharan Shukla and Om Mehta. Sanjay Gandhi made V. Shukla the new information broadcast minister who banned the writing and speaking of anything without the permission of the government on the media, who also denied it was thrown into prisons.

Sanjay Gandhi had run the five-point program
On one side, the people who were speaking against the government were being oppressed on the other side, on the other hand Sanjay Gandhi, in the name of pursuing the country, the five-point agenda, family planning, the end of dowry system, adult education, tree planting, working on eradication of caste system had started.

It is said that in the name of beautification, Sanjay Gandhi cleared the slums of Delhi’s Turkman Gate in a single day but more emphasis was placed on family planning in the five-point program. People were forced to sterilize Around 83 lakh people were forced to sterilize during the 19 months of the country. It is also said that the police force used to encircle the village village and the men were caught and sterilized.

Emergency Plan

In an interview after much of the Emergency, Indira had said that she felt that India needed shock treatment. But, this shock treatment plan was made six months before the June 25 rally. On January 8, 1975, Siddhartha Shankar Ray sent a complete plan of emergency to Indira in a letter. According to the letter, the scheme was made in his meeting with then Law Minister HR Gokhale, Congress President Devkant Barua and Bombay Congress President Rajni Patel.

The protest that Indira Gandhi wanted to calm through the emergency, she made the country futile in 19 months. From Sanjay Gandhi and his trio, the security forces and the bureaucracy were all unarmed. Once Indira Gandhi


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